Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 2012 Blog Giveaway

ok guys!come and let's blogwalking to this blog  May 2012 Blog Giveaway . this is the 5th giveaway..wah!sgt rjn wat giveaway..sgt menarik..u guys will win somthing  from  her studio for lucky winner this month. The items that packed inside are the tool box are, 3 different colours of handcut glitter foams hearts, 3 different colours of foam alphabets and numbers, some colourful ink pens for stamping, some colourful colour pencils, some sponge stickers, some handcut felt flowers, some foam stamps, colourful buttons, a small flower craft punch and last but not least some colourful Popsicle sticks for making bookmark..!

interesting right??

come2..visit her page..

just do 3 simple steps..

the due date will be on 31st of May 2012..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


hye sume! nmpk x si cilik kat ats dea ~CICAM~
cicam yg sgt comel ni ske sgt bergaya bila ade orang nak amik gmbar dea.
dea suke sgt posing cute2 ala2 cam gmbr di atas. dea sgt ske posing buat PEACE, lentok kepala, pakai sunglases, handbag..dan yang paling penting..dea akn senyum yang sgt comel smpai nmpk semua lesung pipit dea!
gaya yang diminati jugak ala2 datin gituuuuuuu!