Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~happy women's day~

Today is a WOMEN DAY...yes!happy women day to all women around the world yah...but for me, its nothing rather than need to face all kind of reading stuff!huh....what a bad day, week and months lah...i would prefer do the assignments rather that reading all these things...make me stress!!huh...it just that i have a test this coming thursday..waa..really hope this weekend end quickly...can't wait ..i need rest!...

and by now, i feel like something wrong with me..i cannot focus!i don;t know why..owh no...its something about my heart lah...the way i felt..there's something inside that i cannot tell here..its really make me sad..owh Allah, plz give me the strength...this feelings....sad+frust+curious+angry+stress+tired+anxious!owh no...plz go away..plzzz...i don't need u ols...huuu...i need happiness..plzz..

and i really hope that this weekend will be end with happiness...i've been waiting for it since last 2 weeks..so, if not...no need to hang out together next tyme n plz don't give me such those silly hopes!...hate it.

i pray that Allah will show me the right way..insyaallah~...

I don't know what to feel
Heart is dead
Mind confused
Don't know what to do
feel sad for many reasons
FMoney, lust, hatred
Can't handle it all
yes crying
EBody dying
no sound of hope
NJust quiet humming
And distant echoes mourning

(source from:  Gary R. Hess)

plzz..wish the best of luck for me for my coming test yah... 


  1. luck2!!!huhu..xmo cedey2!!chill k..i alwayz beside u.. =)

  2. Mar...good luck for tomorrow..be cool Mar
    jgn sedih2 k..kak intan sentiasa ada jadi penghibur hati..hehe
    Nanti saya belanja Kenny Rogers k..
    Allah always with us..^_^

  3. huuu....tengs2 kak intan...heee...wah!x sba nyer kenny!weee...hehehehehe...urm..kate silly hopes tu bkn kt korg taw..take note ye...heee..tu tuk someone..


thanks for ur lovely comments