Saturday, April 28, 2012

its a gift!

oke..arni ari ahad, pepag bgn da pk mcm2 nk wt..kje pn byk..
tp b4 nk wt kje2 tu..nak amk mood berblogging dlu..lame rsenyer x tulis blog..

and refer to my title post tu kan..GIFT?ok..baru2 ni sy dapat souvenier dr parents my luv! its really touched my heart ok! dorg igt kt sy whenever they are..

dsbbkn sy x bkerja lg, sy blom mampu nk belikan mereka brg mhl2 sbg tnda penghargaan and amk ht mereka..hehe...

tengs MAK n ABAH! really happy..i really like it!..

its a gift from SABAH..n im sure everyone knows it..if it came from sabah, there is no other things famous in there..and of course it is PEARL!..yeah.a set of pearl jewellery.i got it..yeay!..

gmbr sekadar hiasan..source from pakcik google..
but it almost same like this..hehe

a lot of thanks to them..
i categorized that for my advanced birthday gift!
hehe ;))

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