Thursday, May 5, 2011

mother's day is!mother's day dtg lg for every year in May..n for this year again its almost 6 years i couldn't celebrate the big day with my mom......really miss u mom..!..i know that even u r not around ,  but u can listen just that, a lot of things that i want to share with u..n so many things happened after u are gone...

i have to be strong no matter what happend..n thats d spirit comes from u mom!yes its u!..i try my best to achieve my goals n ur wish ...i hope i can...insyaallah...

i really miss ur cooking (ikan msk of my favourite n only u can make it tastely!), ur nagging, our shooping which u were always brought me n naz together to SOGO n we bought so many things!..i really missed that moments....even there are a little bit less and there in our life but it was grateful..

for now, i just can see it..but cannot feel it....i hope u are living  peacefully up there...

no matter what happend ...i just want u to know that i love u n miss u mom!no one can replace you in my heart!yes !no one!..

happy mother's day to u my late mom!


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